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Alexandra is a great teacher. She is calm, reassuring, nice, patient and explains very well. She is always positive. Alexandra managed to hold the attention of my 6 & 9 year old boys for the entire lesson, and left my children excited about learning and confident that they can do it! I like the way she adapts to each boys needs and personality. Thank you Alexandra!

Marie C.

Alex is an amazing teacher, sensitive to the level and needs and dreams of my eight year old daughter. She is tailoring lessons and challenging my daughter at a perfect pace, not too easy and just hard enough to inspire. What a great learning experience.


I took private piano lessons with Alex for three years. Hands down, Alex was the best teacher I've had. Alex has a knack for teaching. She provided very targeted and detailed feedback on my techniques and taught me how to improve in a very precise way so that I was able to focus on my weaknesses. Alex was the kindest teacher one could possibly imagine. She always delivered her comments in a very accessible manner and made me feel very comfortable and believed that I could improve. I came a long way in the three years under her and I miss her lessons so much! I would recommend Alex to anyone who is interested in learning how to play the piano.


I have been taking lessons with Alex for several months now and really enjoying the experience. Alex is very observant, always identifies areas of improvement, and suggests helpful exercises to improve my techniques, all the while being flexible and accommodating of my preference, which I appreciate very much. Alex is also very punctual, respectful, and communicates very well. I have already recommended her wholeheartedly to a couple of my friends and wont hesitate to do more!

Susan L

Alex was my daughters first piano teacher, at 6 years, and taught her for 4 years, until she had to move far away from where we live. It was a pleasure to see our daughter enjoy her lessons and watch her steady progress and performances. Alex is a truly dedicated and wonderful teacher especially with little children. She takes the time to choose pieces that suit the childs musical ability, and encourages them to play their best, with her style of teaching, and techniques to improve. She is very patient, kind, and gentle, and also a lovely person.My daughter continues to play and perform and her solid foundation and basic skills are because of Alex. She is always calm and a natural with young children and I cannot recommend her highly enough with them.

Shirin J

Alex is a very calm and passionate musician. She taught our sons thouroghout their early age till middle school and gave them a strong foundation. The bond she creates with her students is very strong which provides them immense opportunities to learn diversified music on Piano. I have recommended Alex in past to other students and will continue to do so. Thank you Alex!

Monika T.

Alex is a wonderful teacher! She is patient and knowledgeable. She has helped so much with my technique, and has taught me music theory as well. Even over zoom her teaching is extremely effective. Highly highly recommend!

Katherine H.

Alex is truly amazing! She is patient, kind, and super thorough during her sessions. Her punctuality and professionalism make it so seamless to work with her. Each week, she brings new challenges and concepts for her students to master. She also follows up with a unique lesson plan weekly! She also coordinates opportunities to participate in NYSSMA. Highly recommend for future

Fran D.

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